Many issues caused by the controller can be resolved with a hard factory reset of the controller.

Listed below are the instructions to do a complete 'hard' factory reset of the controller.

Please follow these steps below:

1. Power off the controller completely by holding the "Reset" button

2. Hold in the “SET” and “UP ARROW” button together immediately after powering back on the controller (press reset once to power back on). Do not let go of the "SET" and "UP ARROW" buttons.

3. Keep holding those 2 buttons for approximately 10 seconds after you switch on the power until the unit fully resets. You should see the following: - - - C on the face of the controller if the hard reset is successful. (If you do not see this repeat steps 1-3 until the hard factory reset is successful). The controller will be completely reprogrammed and you will need to do a complete reprogramming of the internal settings at that point. If this does not fix the issue the controller will need to be replaced.

Please keep in mind that after your reset the controller you will need to change the settings back to the needed settings for you incubator. Please see the pdf link below for instructions to do so 

Once you have done this to reset the unit back to initial "Lifeline" settings for your incubator. The only setting difference between the base model (models without digital humidity) and the units with the digital humidity system is the 'P7' setting of the controller. This setting controls the delay in minutes that the fan will come on. We delay the fan to '2' at the P7 setting on the digital humidity units to keep the humidity level from constantly fluctuating and ensure that the unit is actually overheating and not just within a cycle. The base models (models without digital humidity should be set to '0' at the P7 internal setting.