Question: I have an emergency and need help with my product(s) after business hours?

Answer: You can first check your product page to see if any videos, pdf downloads, or other information is available to answer your question(s). Often times the information you're looking for can be found directly on the product page. We have several tabs such as Description, Video, and Manuals & Instructions which contain a ton of helpful information. If you still are unable to find the information you need the best way to reach us after hours is by using either our Facebook Chat Messenger on our website (bottom right corner) or by using the email chat service (upper right hand corner). Please keep in mind we are on Eastern Daylight Savings Time and our normal customer service hours are M-F 9 am - 5 pm EDST. However, we do try to get back to our customers quickly and you will generally get a response within an hour up until 9 pm EDST. After those hours it may be the next business day before you hear back from us. Our phone support is only available M-F from 9 am - 5 pm EDST. The phones are not monitored after those hours and we will not receive your message until the next business day. Thank you for understanding!