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  • Image of Large Miracle Nipple Puppy-Raccoon Pkg-2 - Includes 1 - 10 ml & 1 - 20 ml Oring Syringe - Lifeline Pet Supplies
  • Image of Large Miracle Nipple Puppy-Raccoon Pkg-2 - Includes 1 - 10 ml & 1 - 20 ml Oring Syringe - Lifeline Pet Supplies

Large Miracle Nipple Puppy-Raccoon Pkg-2 - Includes 2 - 10 ml Oring Syringes

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Large Miracle Nipple Puppy-Raccoon Pkg-2 - Includes 2 - 10 ml Oring Syringes

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$19.95 $24.95

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The Miracle Nipple & Miracle Syringe Collection Miracle

Nipple U.S. Patent No. 9,510,562. Made in the USA

Important - please read!

  • The Large puppy Miracle Nipple Puppy-Raccoon pkg 2 will come with 2-10ml oring syringes. Please note - Due to a shortage of the 20ml Miracle syringe they are now including 2 - 10ml syringes in this pack (the picture currently shows a 20ml syringe but that will not be included in the pack)
  • When purchasing additional Miracle Syringes to fit the Miracle Nipple Mini & Miracle Nipple Original styles please be sure to order the Luer Lock tip syringes for syringes larger than 3 ml.
  • When using a 3 ml syringe or smaller you can use either the slip tip or the luer lock tip.
  • These nipples will also fit a small pet nurser bottle.
  • When purchasing the Large Miracle Nipples you must use a luer lock tip syringe, these nipples will also fit any standard baby bottle cap for use with a bottle.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be advised that the ink on the syringes will not stay on with multiple cleanings. Our recommendation to help the ink graduations stay on longer is to use an ultra-clear piece of scotch tape over the numbers to help reduce the chance of them wearing off quickly. Due to the toxicity of prior inks used on some o-ring syringes, this type of ink is required to be used by the manufacturer. The Miracle o-ring syringes will outlast most other syringes that are available. All of the Miracle brand o-ring syringes are a product of Denmark, they are BPA free, and come individually packaged and sterilized. Denmark carries the highest standard for safety in manufacturing veterinarian and medical-grade syringes.

The "Original Miracle Nipple" is designed for most small mammals to include kittens, toy breed puppies, squirrels, bunnies, neonate (newborn) raccoons and animals of such sizes.

The "Miracle Nipple Mini" is designed for Neonate (meaning newborn) squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks, mice, Persian type kittens, toy puppies with shorter faces and other small mammals The "Large Miracle Nipple" is designed for medium to large breed puppies, raccoons, large cat breeds (such as cougars) and animals of larger sizes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Addition to Puppy Newborn Survival Kit

After having a dam that had Excess Fetal Membrane Fluid (a.k.a. Canine Maternal Hydrops) and nearly loosing her and her whole litter, I realized that I needed more tools in my Newborn Puppy Kit to insure I'm ready for any possible scenario. I've had great success with the Original Miracle Nipple and wanted to add the larger size as well. I highly recommend Miracle Nipple products be part of a kit put together for newborns.

Angela Weaver

I had a mom die while having puppies. Miracle nipples was all that saved the only two living puppies she had while birthing! I recommend them to have on had for anyone who raises dogs.

Johnnie L Brashear
Nursing Puppies

Local shelter was in need of puppy syringes! Camein fast!

Helen Holt
Raccoon Nipples

Haven't used yet but based on previouis experience using Lifeline Supplies, I have no doubt these will be great!

Susan Hawkins

We've been having a hard time finding the 10cc to 20 cc oribg syringes for kittens so we ordered the puppy ones to obtain the syringes as we rescue bottle baby kittens 😸.

Thank you for having stock.