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✈ *Over $99 & Under 10lbs Ships Free (US 48 Only)
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Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu

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The Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu

Product Information -

Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu Housing

  • BPA free, acid-free, PVC free, lignin free, and recycle #5 safe for puppies, kittens, etc
  • Lightweight design utilizes a two-part assembly
  • The tray has 2 locking mechanisms on each side and is easy to clean/sterilize

PTC Forced Air Heater Fan 

  • PTC forced air heater fan distributes heat evenly throughout the incubator.
  • PTC forced air heater fan design pulls in filtered room air, heats, then circulates internally
  • Because of the circulating fresh air, there is virtually no chance of carbon dioxide build-up
  • The forced air technology used in this unit is similar to that of units priced 2-3 times higher

Heater Fan Protection

  • A stainless steel guard sterile dipped in black covers heat/electrical/fan parts inside

Digital Temperature Controller Box 

  • Automatically controls the internal environment temperature within 0.1F/0.1C
  • Independent heating and cooling controls
  • Built-In Low and High audible alarm that can be set to your liking or disabled
  • Clear and precise instructions are printed on the top of the controller for quick reference
  • Slide-n-Lock controller box design makes controllers easy to remove if needed
  • Lighted on/off power switch with fuse and spare fuse included for electrical protection
  • 6-foot power cord with US Style plug

Overheat Filtered Protection Fan 

  • Filtered overheat protection fan provides the capability to protect the unit from overheating
  • Independent control over air circulation for the animals placed inside as they get older
  • Can allow an increase in the number of air exchanges in the unit
  • Can be used to dehumidify when animals inside are nearing the end of the incubation period

Please Note - Using the fan for dehumidification is only an option when purchasing the add-on digital humidity system (purchased separately)

Filtered Fan Guards

  • Dual filtered fan guards filter outside air protecting the unit from dust and contaminants
  • Finger or paw guards cover the fans both inside and out

Built-In Cup Holders

  • Two foldable adjustable cup holders located on the back wall
  • Allows use of a cup(s) of water with a sponge or rag inside for humidity
  • Humidor jars can be used that will evaporate and help to manually control humidity

Please note - the cup holder method using two cups of water with a sponge or rag inside may work for some applications and environments depending upon the individual animals' needs and how well the unit is able to evaporate the water into the air. For most environments and newborn animals such as puppies and kittens, humidity is a critical component in keeping the animal healthy as low humidity levels can lead to dehydration. We recommend purchasing the add-on digital humidity system as it allows precise digital control of the internal humidity level and ensures that the animal inside will not dehydrate. Generally, the unit should only be used without humidity for desert-type climate animals such as snakes or lizards where humidity is not critical and they are not at risk for dehydration.

Humidity Connection Port

  • Humidity connection port is found on the right-hand side closest to the door
  • Allows connection to tubing from the pump included in the digital humidity system (purchased separately).
  • The black plug can easily be removed so you can connect directly to the humidity pump or you can also just remove the black plug for additional air circulation as needed.

Nebulizer Connection Port

  • Used with our Nebulizer Connection Pack and Nebulizer pump (both purchased separately)
  • Allows you to connect a nebulizer pump to the machine utilizing it as a nebulizing chamber

Please read the Nebulizer section of the add-on items for more information regarding nebulizers and their use.

Oxygen Connection Port

  • This port is plugged as not all users will need to provide supplemental oxygen to the unit
  • You may purchase a 2-way oxygen connection if you choose to use the unit with an oxygen concentrator (a 2-way oxygen connector is an add-on option and is now purchased separately)

 Set of Instructions broken down by component as follows:

  • Incubator instructions - (Provides detailed information regarding how to set up the incubator with links to our Learning Center videos)
  • Digital Temperature Instructions - (Provides precise instructions on using the controller including changing temperature and internal parameters)
  • Digital Humidity Controller & Setup Instructions (Digital Humidity System - Purchased Separately) - (Provides precise instructions on using the controller and setting up the digital humidity system, tubing, and attachments purchased separately).

*The connections and cords for the incubator, humidity pump, and connections are color-coded and/or marked for ease of use and error-free installation!

Please Note: This incubator is not designed to "cool" it is not an air conditioner. It is designed to heat and is mainly used for newborn animals who cannot regulate their own body temperature. The recommended time frame for keeping animals in the incubator is 10-14 days. Animals older than this are putting off their own body temperature which will drastically affect how the unit functions. Placing adult animals inside the unit with the babies is not recommended. The unit is not capable of cooling under the room temperature it is kept in. Animals that are regulating their own body temperature will make the internal temperature rise and will affect the internal temperature the unit can cool down to. Please see the tab labeled 'Manuals and Instructions' for additional information on recommended temperature, oxygen, and humidity settings.

Additional Information: Bedding, pads, and additional attachments can be purchased here on our website at the time of purchase or separately. We are no longer including bedding, pads, or attachments with the purchase so it allows the user to choose their choice of bedding or any attachments they need for their specific use.g.

Incubator Dimensions:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 21" L X 18.5" W X 21" H (Included the controller box(es) locked into the plate on the top of the incubator)

  • Interior Dimensions: Measured At Floor - 18" L X 17" W X 16" H (Vet bedding not included in 16" height measurement - 13" H from the floor to the bottom of the heater guard which is about 5 inches by 5 inches square directly in the center of the incubator top)

  • Door Dimensions: The door is clear with decorative dimples that allows you to see animals inside. It has a handle and security clip that latches to the incubator lip below. The door measurements are roughly 9" W X 10.5" H

  • Please Note - The internal measurements are at the floor and the unit uses a 2 part assembly 1 top and 1 bottom or "tray" the tray has 2 locking mechanisms on each side. The tray also contours slightly upward which makes the actual dimensions about 19" L X 18" W about 2-3 inches above the floor. This is plenty of room for a litter of puppies and kittens for the first two weeks. The number of puppies or kittens that will fit in the unit will vary greatly depending upon breed type, the number of puppies or kittens, weight, and how fast they grow. 

1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty (Warranty starts from the date of purchase)

What we cover:

  • Failure of any electronic component within that 1 year period
  • Damage occured during transit (we must be notified within 7 business days of receiving the incubator of any damage or a damage claim will be denied)

What we DO NOT cover:

  • Failure to use distilled water in the unit which can quickly break down the pump and internal components of the machine
  • Removal or modification of any internal components of the machine
  • Failure of function, performance by consumer's intention, mistake
  • If a malfunction occurs due to natural disasters (fire, salt, gas, earthquake, flood, etc.)
  • If replacing consumable parts that are normally worn in use (door, sensors, handles, clips, etc)
  • If a fault occurs due to abnormal power supply or defective connection equipment
  • If a failure occurs due to repair or alteration made by a person other than the repair agent of the head office or agency
  • Other external causes not the fault of the product itself
  • If a fault occurs due to different rated voltage
  • If failure occurs due to use of unspecified consumables or optional parts not specified by our company
  • In case of failure or damage due to dropping when moving etc.
  • Failure caused by non-cleaning
  • If the malfunction / consumer error caused by wrong operation of the machine is obvious
  • Failure during use in a manner not described in the manual

Parts Replacement During Warranty Terms:

  • Replacement parts issued during warranty are covered for 1 year from issue date (The date we ship it out to you) - Only that replacement part is covered it does not extend the warranty on any other components. After the 1 year initial incubator purchase date has expired shipping to/from plus labor must be paid by you or you have the option of a self install.
  • For insurance purposes we are required to do any repair work that requires electrical connection during the 1 year from incubator purchase date unless a quick connect harness can be used for installation
  • We cover all shipping fees to/from during the 1 year from purchase date warranty period if the issue found is not covered under warranty you will be charged for the shipping fees to/from plus any labor involved.

We ship this product directly from our Lifeline Pet Supplies warehouse in West Central, Ohio. This means as long as the item is in stock it will ship out the next business day if your order is placed before 2pm Eastern Daylight Time (UNLESS THE ITEM STATES IT HAS ADDITIONAL PROCESSING TIME). Our business days are Monday through Friday. Please note, orders placed after 2pm on Thursday are considered a Friday order and may not ship until Monday (unless Monday is a Holiday in which they would then ship out Tuesday). Orders placed for overnight after 2pm EDT on Thursday up until 2pm EDT Friday will not ship out from us until Monday and would not be delivered until Tuesday as we ship out Next Business day for orders placed prior to 2pm EDT. If Saturday delivery is an option for your area it will show this in the shipping options at checkout. If you do not see Saturday delivery and you need a product overnighted or 2nd day delivered for Saturday please CONTACT US M-F 9am-5pm EDST to see if a Saturday delivery is available in your area. There will likely be an additional shipping charge for those Saturday options if available or you may be required to switch to an overnight service. To see ground transit times for shipping please see the chart at the bottom of this tab.

Please Note:

Weekend delivery service is not available in all areas. If you area is eligible you will see a Saturday shipping option available at checkout for overnight or 2nd day services. If you do not see Saturday delivery available you order will likely not be delivered until the following business day which is Monday unless that falls on a holiday recognized by the delivery service. We are not responsible for estimated delivery times as these are provided by the shipping carriers and there is no money back guarantee being offered by the delivery services at this time.

Ground Transit Time from Lifeline Pet Supplies Ohio Warehouse

To see our refund policy CLICK HERE

In the video below we cover setting up the Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu unit and we also cover hooking up the optional Digital Humidity System for this incubator.

In the video below we show you how to hook up a nebulizer pump directly time the Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator ICU.

In the video below we cover hooking up an oxygen concentrator to the Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator ICU. We also cover using our unique 2-way oxygen connection for providing supplemental oxygen to critical neonates inside the incubator with an oxygen cone

In the video below we cover resetting the temperature controller to the factory settings programmed from the controller manufacturer. You must follow video 2 below this video for resetting the controller to the required incubator settings.

In the video below we cover resetting the temperature controller back to the settings programmed for the incubator when it leaves which can also be found on the instruction sticker on top of your controller.

In the video below we cover calibrating the temperature controller for the Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu

Holiday Hours & Shipping Schedule

Shipping during the holidays can be crazy! We commit to you, our customers, that we will package and ship out your orders in a timely manner. Once they are picked up by the carrier services, we have no control over the delivery times and dates. It is entirely possible that there will be delays on package deliveries, even packages that you might have paid extra for faster delivery. No carrier is guaranteeing delivery on time during the holidays.

We do not give refunds/compensation on orders for late deliveries.

Holiday Hours & Shipping Schedule

Below you will find the holiday schedule for shipping services for the carriers we use. We will notify customers on our site if a service is not shipping and/or move dates further out to adjust estimated delivery dates.




Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Linda Hess
Lifeline Incubator with Humidity

Very good interaction with customer service as to when unit would be available, placing order and shipping. Unit is as described and worked perfectly after setup. Unit was put to use 3 days after arriving when it was needed for a 5 day old kitten. Thankful to have this incubator for use with neonate kittens.

Well thought out!

I have not used my incubator yet, but I was very impressed with the design of this incubator. It is very well planned, and adaptive to a variety of setups, and makes the setup easy - especially during a stressful time when you are needing an incubator. Everything is color coded! Love that!
It's perfect for kittens, or small breed puppies.
Also very impressed with how quickly it arrived and how well it was packaged. We received it within 2 days using regular shipping.

Highlander's Bulldogs
Perfect Size for bulldog puppies

This is just what we needed for our bulldog puppies. It makes maintaining temperature so much easier. No second guessing if puppies are warm enough or not.

French Bull Dog 🐶 (Great Purchase)

Works great for the puppies. Mom had a sea section. I’m happy with the purchase. Works as described.

Michael Lake-Bakaar

Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu