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Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package

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Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package
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The Rcom Large Pet Brooder Curadle Package allows you to build your own custom Rcom Large Pet Curadle Package and accessories. Simply add the Curadle itself or any of the add-on options available below.

Availability: The Rcom Pet Brooder ships directly from the manufacturer and requires a signature upon delivery. Please note: This item is only eligible to be shipped to the United States & Canada

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Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package

Rcom Large Pet Curadle * The Rcom Pet Brooder ships directly from the manufacturer and requires a signature upon delivery. Please note: This item is only eligible to be shipped to the United States & Canada

Regular Price: $1,329.00

Special Price $1,129.00

Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package

Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator (*Certified Reconditioned w/1 year Warranty) * This product will ship directly from our supplier. Please allow up to 3 business days for processing.

Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package

Omron Ultra Quiet Nebulizer Pump * Ships by: Today

Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package

O2 Nebulizer Pack * Ships by: Today

Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package

Rcom Pet Brooder Curadle Replacement Filters * Ships by: Today

Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package


Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package

LIGHT BROWN 3-PLY PAW PRINT PAD/MAT 19.5X24.5 * Ships by: Today



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Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu Package

Product Information:

  • The Rcom Large Pet Curadle Icu unit features automatic temperature and humidity control
  • It is an intensive care unit for pets, exotic, fragile, or newborn animals
  • It is easy to clean and sterilize with an easily accessible slide out tray
  • Easy to use digital controls and comes complete with instructions

 Main Features:

  • Automatic temperature control and settings 20 degrees C - 38 degrees C (68 degrees F to 100.4 degrees F) - Please see Additional Info below
  • Automatic humidity control and settings 40 percent to 70 percent - Please see Additional Info below
  • Provides electrically charged anions (negatively charged atom) that promotes faster recovery, better sleep, increased appetite, and improved vitality for a speedy recovery
  • FND display mode
  • Connections for using a nebulizer (purchased separately) or an oxygen tank/concentrator (purchased separately) available here:
  • Double-wall insulation technology for infrared radiation and carbon heating
  • Two antibiotic air filters for removal of incubator dust and airborne pathogens
  • Solenoid valve for medical treatment
  • Water tank made of Teflon material for prevention of bug moss
  • Ten-stage dimmer interior illumination control
  • Recessed brooding tray for ease of access and cleanup
  • Large viewing window for ease of observation
  • Two BLDC fan for optimal control of brooder's condition
  • Elegant design and optimal space distribution
  • Circuit breaker for protection from overheating
  • Tubing for humidity is included. However, a Distilled water container (is not included). We recommend using a gallon jug of distilled water for the unit
  • Shipping Weight: Approximately 40 lbs.
  • Power: 110-120V 60HZ with cord for USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • Exterior Dimensions:W 855mm x L 470mm  x H440mm (W 33.6614 in. wide x L 18.504 in.x H 17.3228 in.)
  • Interior Dimensions:  W 609mm x L 381mm x  H381mm (W 24.0157 in. x L 15.748 in. x H 15.3543 in.)

 Also Included:

  • 1 Anti-Moss/Anti-Mold Evaporation Pad (comes installed)
  • 1 antibiotic air filter (comes installed)
  • Anion function of odor removal
  • Solenoid valve (comes installed)
  • A/C power cord (included)
  • Instruction manual (included)
  • 1 fuse (comes installed)

Available Add-On Options:

    • Oxygen Concentrator - Provides vet quality oxygen supplementation to the incubator (Never has to be filled as it creates its own purified oxygen through a unique filtration process, quiet operation, beneficial for snub-nosed breeds, gasping animals, or animals under stress such as after a c-section or hard delivery. The same type of units veterinarians use when performing operations such as c-sections, surgeries, etc. - Human grade
    • Nebulizer - Provides the capability to turn the incubator into a nebulizing chamber. The nebulizer pump will pressurize liquid medications into a gas that enters the unit via connections/ports provided. This is often used with animals that have aspirated milk or formula, may have upper respiratory issues including infections such as pneumonia, used for breathing treatments for asthmatic animals
    • Heating Pad - This option allows you add one of our custom made Lifeline Pet Supplies heating pad to your incubator. The heating pad is a no-shutoff heating pad that heats to the perfect veterinarian recommended temperature. Since the heating pad never shuts off when plugged in it provides consistent heat and protection via the chew-resistant cord. You simply feed the power cord through an opening under the door or next to the slide out tray and plug into your power surge protector. Since the heating pad does not connect directly to the incubator power supply it is totally independent. This is great for an emergency situation as a backup heat source and it can also be taken back out of the incubator and uses by itself. It also allows the incubator to run more efficiently.
    • Absorbent Pad(s) - This option allows you to add additional washable absorbent pads to your incubator at time of purchase. The absorbent pads are a great environmentally friendly way of keeping your animals inside clean and dry. One double layer pad is included with the incubator standard but they do need to be washed/changed numerous times per day. *Do not use fabric softener when washing pads*
    • Oxygen/Nebulizer Pack - This option allows you add an oxygen concentrator or tank as well as use the unit with a nebulizer pump.
    • Filters - This option is a 3 pack of washable replacement filters for the Rcom brooder

Additional Information:

 This ICU unit is shipped directly from the manufacturer for warranty purposes. Any option other than the FREE SHIPPING cannot be chosen at checkout and will require us to get a quote for the shipping price. Please contact us directly at if you need any shipping method other than the free shipping. The free shipping option will vary by state but is generally no more than 4-5 business days (business days do not include weekends or holidays).

Digital Temperature and Humidity - Please note that surrounding temperature and humidity will affect the internal temperature and humidity see examples below. The unit is not designed to overcome greater surrounding temperatures as it does not cool or dehumidify.

  • Temperature Example: The temperature of the room you are keeping the unit in is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You want a desired temperature inside the unit at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. You will not be able to obtain that temperature as the surrounding temperature of the unit is higher than the internal setting. You will need to lower than the temperature of the room or move it to another room where the temperature is several degrees below the desired temperature.
  • Humidity Example: If you have the unit set for 50% humidity and the room it is kept in is 60% humidity you will not be able to overcome the 60% surrounding humidity of the room it is kept in. If the desired humidity for internal use is lower than the room you are keeping it in please use a room humidifier or move the unit to a room where the humidity is lower.

Manufacturer Return Policy:

Customers must contact us within 30 days from purchase of an electrically operated product-except as noted below to get a Return Authorization Number. All returns are subject to the manufacturer's returns and refund policy as described below.


As soon as we receive the returned product, we will refund 70 percent of the actual product price minus the shipping and handling charges. The customer must pay for return mailing and packaging charges. Even though we may offer our products or parts under our Free or Discounted Shipping, if a refund is requested we will charge you at least the shipping cost that we paid. Please note: the shipping and handling are not refundable unless an error was made on our part, such as shipping the wrong merchandise. While we believe strongly in customer satisfaction, we realize that returns are costly because of shipping, handling, the cost to return the item to us, and the time involved. Therefore, please, if you are not sure which of our products are what you are looking for, then email us before you purchase and we will gladly assist you.

Warranty 1-year Warranty included:

Return shipping cost at buyers expense. We assume no responsibility for loss or damage from the equipment other than the replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on pets. Do not expose electrical parts to water.


Warranty is for 1 year as outlined in the manual and covers: In case of naturally occurring failure of function, performance under normal use conditions. No warranty on consumable items such as filters, hoses, fuses, Thermal sensor, Humidity sensor, Oxygen sensor, CO2 sensor, LED Lamp, UV lamp, IR Lamp or Camera. Please, use a surge protector.
Additional note on warranty: The following issues are not under warranty and the customer will be assessed the cost of repair and shipping:


  • Failure of function, performance by consumer's intention, mistake.
  • If a malfunction occurs due to natural disasters (fire, salt, gas, earthquake, flood, etc.).
  • If replacing consumable parts that are normally worn in use.
  • If a fault occurs due to abnormal power supply or defective connection equipment.
  • If a failure occurs due to repair or alteration made by a person other than the repair agent of the head office or agency.
  • Other external causes not the fault of the product itself.
  • If a fault occurs due to different rated voltage.
  • If failure occurs due to use of unspecified consumables or optional parts not specified by our company.
  • In case of failure or damage due to dropping when moving etc.
  • Failure caused by non-cleaning.
  • If the malfunction / consumer error caused by wrong operation of the machine is obvious.
  • Failure during use in a manner not described in the manual.



Additional Information




Customer Reviews 20 item(s)

Great Product & Above and Beyond Customer Service
I needed this ICU immediately for my sick kitten. Jake was extremely helpful and reassured me I would get it Next Day shipping as I had selected. This item and other items I ordered arrived promptly. I am highly satisfied and thankful for all of his help and keeping me posted on the shipping process. Thank You!
Customer Rating
Review by Karen A. / (Posted on 6/2/2018)
Large RCOM Brooder
Beautiful new piece of equipment. Great Customer service. Thanks Lifeline Pet Supplies!
Customer Rating
Review by Herman I. / (Posted on 5/19/2018)
Haven't used them yet but
Haven't used them yet but your service is outstanding!
Customer Rating
Review by Cindy P. / (Posted on 5/17/2018)
ICU pet brooder
Absolutely love it ! Amazing customer service super fast shipping on everything easy set up ! My pups are thriving :raised_hands::skin-tone-2::raised_hands::skin-tone-2::raised_hands::skin-tone-2:
Customer Rating
Review by Sierra G. / (Posted on 5/8/2018)
Class A Service!
We purchased an incubator for new born puppies, and we had a malfunction. Our request for service was a most positive experience. Our call was answered and Jake made a diagnosis on the problem, sent a replacement circuit board. It arrived the next day and he then talked thru the installation. Problem solved. Being from the old school I found service that isn't found in the market place as it should be. Jake is a class business man that knows his product lines, and extends quality service to his customers.
Customer Rating
Review by Jim B. / (Posted on 4/25/2018)
Best investment
This product is great. Shipped quickly. Super support from Lifeline team. Easy to set up and get running.
Customer Rating
Review by Paula M. / (Posted on 4/18/2018)
Great and lifesaving incubator
I am extremely happy with this ICU. It is a stable, safe, temperature controlled environment for my new born pups. Easy to access and clean. Runs non stop without issue and is easy to adjust.
Customer Rating
Review by Gary B. / (Posted on 4/17/2018)
Paula m
Love this unit and this company. The unit is everything and more than I had expected. Easy to use and set up. Kittens love it. Don’t know why I didn’t purchase 20 years ago
Customer Rating
Review by Paula m. / (Posted on 4/15/2018)
Bottle brush
Love it
Customer Rating
Review by Mary K. / (Posted on 3/28/2018)
Large ICU Brooder/oxygen concentrator
This is such a wonderful incubator. My babies thrived and were so safe in this. It is roomy and very easy to use and maintain. It arrived quickly and I would recommend this to anyone looking for an incubator - thumbs up!
Customer Rating
Review by Lori C. / (Posted on 3/5/2018)
RCOM incubator bundle
I ordered the bundle for my upcoming french bulldog litter and everything came in a timely manner. I appreciate all the help in choosing the right products and the information on extra items I could use.
Customer Rating
Review by Jessica B. / (Posted on 3/3/2018)
Its amazing, easy to use... I wont mention other incubators Ive owned over the years, but this one is 5x better...
Customer Rating
Review by Christopher L. / (Posted on 2/18/2018)
Great product great service !
Great product great service !
Customer Rating
Review by Michael G. / (Posted on 1/29/2018)
Amazing investment Promt service and
Amazing investment Promt service and delivery
Customer Rating
Review by Dante C. / (Posted on 1/17/2018)
Great product
This is working out great for our baby bulldogs, made it so much easier in caring for them
Customer Rating
Review by Carolyn H. / (Posted on 1/1/2018)
Worth the price
If you are a serious breeder, just go ahead and invest in the product, saved me a puppy essentially paying for itself already....
Customer Rating
Review by Tyler K. / (Posted on 12/29/2017)
Best incubator out on the market
Best incubator out in the market. Great service from the beginning to the delivery
Customer Rating
Review by Steve E. / (Posted on 11/3/2017)
Love it!
Customer Rating
Review by Katlin V. / (Posted on 10/21/2017)
Love this incubator couldn't be
Love this incubator couldn't be happier with it
Customer Rating
Review by Anastasia S. / (Posted on 10/17/2017)
Excellent product
Saved my newborn kittens life and is now a thriving kitty. :) The whole setup is a godsend and must have for any breeder and Lifeline exceeded my expections on all fronts for personal assistance choosing the model, shipping , setup and ease of use. Highly recommend.
Customer Rating
Review by stacia g. / (Posted on 10/16/2017)
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