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✈ *Over $99 Ships Free - No weight limit this week only! (US 48 Only)
✈ *Over $99 Ships Free - No weight limit this week only! (US 48 Only)

About Us


Providing top-notch animal products isn't just what we do -- it's what we love!

Lifeline Pet Supplies, LLC has served pet owners, breeders, rescue organizations, humane societies, & zoos worldwide since 2012. Our main focus is to provide you great customer service, & amazing products at reasonable prices. Our own brand of supplies include some unique custom handmade products that are manufactured right here at our facility. These include our Lifeline Pet Supplies syringe nursers, puppy incubators, pet incubators, sponge feeding packs, tube feeding kits and so many other products! We can ship most of the products we manufacture worldwide!

Our experienced staff offers a vast knowledge of our products, but our services don't stop there! At Lifeline Pet Supplies, we not only provide the best in animal care products but also offer customer support in setting up or using our products. We know you care about your babies well-being and we promise that you can trust  "Their little lives in our hands."

A message from the Ceo,

I have always had a personal connection to animals. As a young boy, it was often times hard to find me without my best friend Spot right next to my side after all they say dogs are a man's best friend right? So that love and passion for animals led to many years of raising English Bulldogs. As a breeder, I struggled like many do with raising puppies successfully at first. There were so many opinions out there and at times it seemed very few people actually willing to help. I learned the hard way over time and while it was rewarding it could also be an emotional roller coaster at times. Many of years of trial and error led me to realize that there just weren't products available to help that were up to my standards. My background was in manufacturing and engineering so I put my skills to work as I developed products that made sense while keeping things as natural as possible.

Tube feeding was never one of my favorites and in fact, I found it very invasive. This led to the development of the syringe nursers we offer. I loved the simplicity of bottle feeding but needed the accuracy of tube feeding. With many trials and errors, I worked directly with other breeders, rescues, and veterinarians to develop a range of nursers for every breed size. We now offer our syringe nursers as small as 1 ml to feed even the smallest of babies and all the way up to 35 ml intended for the larger breeds. Not only are they used for puppies and kittens but also used in wildlife rehabilitation for a variety of babies.

In addition, I worked diligently on designing an incubator that was portable and affordable so that everyone could afford the benefits of what an incubator can offer. Many of the incubators on the market could not hold an accurate temperature or provide the ability to offer supplemental oxygen not to mention they were extremely cost prohibitive. This led me to many trials, sleepless nights, and a lot of blood sweat and tears. But finally, we developed a line of incubators that are simple yet effective. Our goal was never to make the biggest most elaborate unit on the market but rather to make a unit everyone could afford and appreciate. The simplicity and portability allow users to take the unit with them to the veterinarian, they can be used during transport with a simple inverter, and the ability to provide top-notch intensive care at home. They also offer true overheat protection to allow you to get some much-needed rest while your babies are resting comfortably at the perfect temperature in their Lifeline Pet Supplies incubator. The design was well thought out so that it was easy for the user to replace parts if they fail after the 1-year parts and labor warranty making it unnecessary to send the incubator back to us for simple repairs.

In addition, we have designed bottle feeding stations which are mainly used in emergency situations and often used by rescues and shelters to feed abandoned or orphaned babies. We proudly support the efforts of non-profit rescues with a special discount on our products as well (please contact us for more information). We truly believe that every animal matters and together we can make a difference in the lives of animals and their people. Thank you to everyone that has made this business possible and for me to continue to do what I love which is help animals and people!

Please rest assured knowing that with Lifeline Pet Supplies you truly can trust "Their little lives in our hands"

Warmest Regards,

Jake Garber

President - Lifeline Pet Supplies, LLC.