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Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu with Digital Humidity

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  • 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Ships same business day if order placed by 2pm Eastern
  • Uses the same heating technology as the $1000 models
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Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu with Digital Humidity

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$599.00 $699.00

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The Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu with Digital Humidity System

The incubator itself before adding any of the additional options includes the following:

1 - Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu Housing - BPA free, acid-free, PVC free, lignin free, and recycle #5 making them safe for puppies, kittens, and other small pets. We use pre-fabricated housings which allows us to provide a cost-effective unit that is both portable and affordable. This lightweight design utilizes a two-part assembly. The tray has 2 locking mechanisms on each side and can easily be removed to clean and sterilize.

1 - PTC Forced Air Heater Fan - This unit uses a PTC forced air heater fan that distributes heat evenly throughout the incubator. The PTC forced air heater fan design pulls filtered outside room air into the unit and then heats that air circulating the fresh heated air throughout the unit. Because the unit is constantly circulating fresh air there is virtually no chance of carbon dioxide build-up inside the unit. The forced air technology used in this unit is similar to that of units priced 2-3 times higher.

1 - Heater Fan Protection Cover - This protection cover completely covers the entire heater and electrical connections preventing any animal from coming into contact with the heater or electrical wires controlling the heater fan. We take safety seriously and want you to understand we care about the animals you place inside this unit.

1 - Digital Temperature Controller Box - This newly designed digital temperature controller box uses state of the art technology to precisely control the temperature within the incubator. The controller allows precise independent control of both the PTC Heater Fan "Heating" and the Overheat Protection Fan "Cooling" independently. The digital temperature controller box includes instructions and recommended starting temperature settings on the top for quick reference, color-coded connections for heating and cooling allowing simple error-proof connections to the heater fan and the overheat protection fan. The digital temperature controller box includes our new slide-n-lock design which allows for easy removal of the controller box(es) from the incubator. This is perfect as it allows you to use the box to control a heating lamp or pad in a whelping box or similar area when the animals inside transition from the incubator. The slide-n-lock design also allows you to easily move the box to the left when purchasing our add-on digital humidity system (recommended). Once purchased you simply slide the temperature controller box to the left of the slide-n-lock plate and then slide-n-lock the digital humidity controller box to the right-hand side of the temperature controller box. The slide-n-lock design also allows you to easily remove the box if it were in need of repair drastically reducing shipping costs and transit times that would occur in shipping the entire incubator back for service. A 6 ft power cord is provided with the controller box. The box also includes a 10 amp 250v fuse installed and one additional replacement fuse found in the power connection plate.

1 - Digital Humidity System - The digital humidity system provides precise digital humidity control inside the incubator. The digital humidity controller engages or disengages the external humidity pump automatically keeping the humidity inside the incubator at the desired range. Humidity is critical for most animals to keep them from dehydrating in elevated temperatures. The controller connections are now color-coded for ease of use and error-free installation. You simply plug in our humidity system per instructions, fill the water reservoir with distilled water & you are ready to add humidity to the incubator. The flexible and expandable tubing allows you to place the humidity system up to 5 feet away from your unit. When using our incubator you simply plug the tubing into the humidity port on the side of the incubator (front right closest to the door) - connections provided. The humidity pump system has an auto shutoff protection that will shut down the pump if you run out of water. This will prevent the motor from running dry and burning up. The digital humidity system includes 1 - Digital Humidity Controller Box with Slide-N-Lock technology 110-120v (color-coded connections & fused power connection) and 1 - Humidity Pump with fill bottle, tubing, and attachments. (Pump has auto shutoff protection). Please Note: You should only use distilled water in the humidity pump. You will void the manufacturer warranty if you use any other type of water or additives to this pump.

1 - Overheat Protection Fan - The overheat protection fan provides the capability to protect the unit from overheating. It also allows independent control over air circulation as the animals placed inside get older. This allows you to increase the number of air exchanges in the unit and provides a variety of uses for the unit. Another interesting feature of the overheat protection fan is you can use it to dehumidify when the animals inside are nearing the end of the incubation period. Using the fan for dehumidification is only an option when purchasing the add-on digital humidity system (recommended).

2 - Filtered Fan Guards - Dual filtered fan guards filter the outside air and protect the unit from dust and contaminants. There is one filtered fan guard above the PTC heater fan found on the top of the unit and another filtered fan guard is found on the overheat protection fan at the back of the unit.

2 - Built-In Cup Holders - The two cup holders are able to fold down and adjust. This allows you to use a cup(s) of water with a sponge or rag inside or you may also use humidor jars that will evaporate providing manual control of humidity inside the unit. Please note - this method may work for some applications and environments depending upon the individual animals' needs. For most newborn animals such as puppies and kittens, humidity is a critical component in keeping the animal healthy as low humidity levels can lead to dehydration. We recommend purchasing the add-on digital humidity system as it allows precise digital control of the internal humidity level.

1 - Non-Skid Deluxe Vet Bedding Pad - This non-skid deluxe vet bedding pad is the perfect pad for newborn puppies, kittens, and other pets. The vet bedding is thick and lush providing a similar feel to fleece or the mother's fur. It holds heat well and draws moisture away from the animals keeping them clean and dry. The non-skid bottom keeps the pad from moving or bunching up. The vet bedding is machine washable and does not harbor bacteria. *Do not use fabric softener when washing pad*

1 - Washable Absorbent Pad - This pad provides absorbency for moisture that goes through the vet bedding material. We recommend using this pad underneath the vet bedding as it will absorb moisture (white side up). You should wash and change this pad daily for best results. One pad is provided you can purchase additional pads as needed.

1 - Analog Hygrometer - The analog hygrometer is generally used for manual humidity control but can also be used a backup and calibration of the digital humidity system (purchased separately). Simply remove the backing from the supplied tape adhesive and place the analog hygrometer over the 'HYG' sticker.

1 - Humidity Connection Port - The humidity connection port is found on the right-hand side closest to the door. It allows you to connect the humidity tubing from the pump included in the digital humidity system (purchased separately). The black plug can easily be removed so you can connect directly to the humidity pump or you can also just remove the black plug for additional air circulation as needed.

1 - Nebulizer Connection Port - The nebulizer connection port is to be used with our Nebulizer Connection Pack and Nebulizer pump (both purchased separately). This connection allows you to connect a nebulizer pump to the machine utilizing it as a nebulizing chamber. Please read the Nebulizer section of the add-on items for more information regarding nebulizers and their use.

1 - Oxygen Connection Port - The oxygen connection port has a unique dual inlet attachment already installed. The unique design allows you to connect an oxygen concentrator (purchased separately) directly to the incubator. The 90-degree connection on the inside allows you to either leave the connection open providing supplemental oxygen to the entire incubator or to connect a short piece of oxygen tubing inside directly to an oxygen cone or similar homemade device. Please read more under "Oxygen Concentrator" in the add-on options section below.

1 - Set of Instructions broken down by component as follows:

  • Incubator instructions - (Provides detailed information regarding how to set up the incubator with links to our Learning Center videos)
  • Digital Temperature Instructions - (Provides precise instructions on using the controller including changing temperature and internal parameters)
  • Digital Humidity Controller & Setup Instructions  - (Provides precise instructions on using the controller and setting up the digital humidity system, tubing, and attachments included).

*The connections and cords for the incubator, humidity pump, and connections are color-coded and/or marked for ease of use and error-free installation!

Please Note: This incubator is not designed to "cool" it is not an air conditioner. It is designed to heat and mainly used for newborn animals who cannot regulate their own body temperature. The recommended time frame for keeping animals in the incubator is 10-14 days. Animals older than this are putting off their own body temperature which will drastically affect how the unit functions. Placing adult animals inside the unit with the babies is not recommended. The unit is not capable of cooling under the room temperature it is kept in. Animals that are regulating their own body temperature will make the internal temperature rise and will affect the internal temperature the unit can cool down to. Please see the tab labeled 'Manuals and Instructions' for additional information on recommended temperature, oxygen, and humidity settings.

*Please Note:  You DO NOT have to purchase any of the additional options offered to use the unit. The additional options simply enhance the functionality of the base unit and allow you additional functionality and use of the incubator turning it into a true portable intensive care unit.


    Incubator Dimensions:

    • Exterior Dimensions: 21" L X 18.5" W X 21" H (Included the controller box(es) locked into the plate on the top of the incubator)
    • Interior Dimensions: Measured At Floor - 18" L X 17" W X 16" H (Vet bedding not included in 16" height measurement - 13" H from the floor to the bottom of the heater guard which is about 5 inches by 5 inches square directly in the center of the incubator top)
    • Please Note - The internal measurements are at the floor and the unit uses a 2 part assembly 1 top and 1 bottom or "tray" the tray has 2 locking mechanisms on each side. The tray also contours slightly upward which makes the actual dimensions about 19" L X 18" W about 2-3 inches above the floor. This is plenty of room for a litter of puppies and kittens for the first two weeks. The number of puppies or kittens that will fit in the unit will vary greatly depending upon breed type, the number of puppies or kittens, weight, and how fast they grow. 

    1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

    Warranty 1-year Warranty included: Return shipping cost at buyers expense. We assume no responsibility for loss or damage from the equipment other than the replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on pets. Do not expose electrical parts to water.

    Additional note on warranty: The following issues are not under warranty and the customer will be assessed the cost of repair and shipping:

    • Failure of function, performance by consumer's intention, mistake.
    • If a malfunction occurs due to natural disasters (fire, salt, gas, earthquake, flood, etc.).
    • If replacing consumable parts that are normally worn in use.
    • If a fault occurs due to abnormal power supply or defective connection equipment.
    • If a failure occurs due to repair or alteration made by a person other than the repair agent of the head office or agency.
    • Other external causes not the fault of the product itself.
    • If a fault occurs due to different rated voltage.
    • If failure occurs due to use of unspecified consumables or optional parts not specified by our company.
    • In case of failure or damage due to dropping when moving etc.
    • Failure caused by non-cleaning.
    • If the malfunction / consumer error caused by wrong operation of the machine is obvious.
    • Failure during use in a manner not described in the manual.

    We ship this product directly from our Lifeline Pet Supplies warehouse in West Central, Ohio. This means as long as the item is in stock it will ship out the same business day if your order is placed before 2pm Eastern time (UNLESS THE ITEM STATES IT HAS ADDITIONAL PROCESSING TIME). Our business days are Monday through Friday. Please note, orders placed after 2pm on Thursday are considered a Friday order and may not ship until Friday. Orders placed for overnight after 2pm on Thursday up until 2pm Friday will ship but would not be delivered until Monday as we do not offer weekend services for our overnight or 2nd Day air deliveries. If you need a Saturday delivery please call us at 1-937-720-0039 M-F 9am-5pm Eastern or Click Here to Call Us and we can modify your existing order or make sure a Saturday delivery is available in your area. There will likely be an additional shipping charge for those Saturday options. To see ground transit times for shipping please see the chart at the bottom of this tab.

    Please Note:

    We do not currently offer weekend delivery service for our Next Day and 2nd Day express options including FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx Standard Overnight, FedEx 2nd Day, FedEx 2nd Business Day by 8pm, UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air, or UPS 3 Day Select. This means orders that would normally fall on a Saturday delivery may not be delivered until the following business day which is Monday unless that falls on a holiday recognized by the delivery service

    Ground Transit Time from Lifeline Pet Supplies Ohio Warehouse

    Lifeline Pet Supplies Ground Shipping Transit Time Map

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