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Great for Orphaned Kittens

We have three of these incubators, and they're a great resource for small, orphaned kittens. The temperature and humidity-controlled environment keeps the kittens comfortable, and they sleep really soundly. They seem much less stressed and healthier. We've been very happy with our incubators and would recommend them to other rescue groups dealing with bottle baby kittens.

Quick delivery!!

I ordered these feeding tubes just in case we needed them. While I did not have to use them, I appreciated the quick delivery. I am also happy that you gave a heads up about the markings on the syringes possibly wearing off and included some helpful hints on how to work around that problem. Ideally I would prefer the markings not wear off but kudos to you for helping the disclaimer!

Miracle nipple syringe

Works wonderfully! Shipping was fast! Very happy!

Miracle Nipples Save Lives

Having a neonatal kitten that won't latch is a frustrating situation.
Especially if it won't latch the naturally textured and shaped Miracle Nipple. With the Oring syringe and the mini nipple you can give small injections of milk directly into the kittens mouth. This method, only efficiently accomplished with these products, saved our 16 day old with pneumonia. Thanks Lifeline.

Best Ever for Small Animals

These are the best they are numbered so you don't have to make a mark at how long on the tube and you can see the milk and make sure there isn't any air in the tube Im never using another kind

Live saver! Makes feeding easier great product!

Great nipples

Great syringe nurser

Holds up well using to feed orphaned kittens. Dosent get sticky or lock up like most other brands. Will buy again.

Mini Miracle Nipples Quick Response

I was so impressed with the quick turnaround on deliver. Still waiting on the same item I ordered from Amazon and the items was lower priced through Lifeline. Very pleased with my order.

super produit

le service est super , efficace et rapide

Excellent service and product

I have fostered bottle babies for several years but have never had an incubator.
After much research I settled on Lifeline. I got the humidifier also and was very happy I did. My first use was on six neo kittens about 1.5 days old. They are not three weeks, out of the incubator and I fell it really gave them a boost in life.

Great product. Excellent company. Excellent shipping time. Thank you.

Works well

I need the syringes for feeding my tube-fed son and they are doing what I need from them.

They may be a little fragile but I assume they are not manufactured to be thrown around by my son so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Oral Syringes

Great product. Arrived on time. Very much appreciated the advice to paint numbers with clear nail polish to avoid washing off the ink over time! Thank you!!!

Great product.

Great product. Works as expected

Miracle nipples

I was a little worried about shipping cause I paid for two day shipping an it gave a estimate date Further out but I got them today exactly to days which I was desperately needing as I have five kittens a week old and there mom got supper sick an had to have surgery so I been trying to feed them bottle they won’t take syringe I know I get fluid in them but not the best way it made it hard an longer than needed just tried these an pretty much got all the kittens to latch had a harder time with the runt an another about his size but they all latched an got a good amount of milk in a shorter time and they seemed more comfortable as they where trying to paw very please I all ready showed people videos I took an recommend to people I had heard about these but never knew any one to get them very thank full thank you guys 😁


I was just able to try this unit out. It was really quite easy to put together as there are easy to follow videos on the website. Worked perfectly when whelping my litter of Labrador Puppies.

Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator Icu with Digital Humidity

Excellent 10 out of 10

Very very happy. I feel extremely good about this purchase. The quality of the build and the directions are spot on. I love that Jake reached out already and that if we have any questions issues concerns we can reach out to him. I also absolutely loved the idea of starting with this product and being able to add to it later. So for any breeders looking for a good quality product that won’t brake the bank that you can later upgrade look nice further.

Great for use with reptiles

I use these rounded tipped syringes with my bearded dragons. Where I've run into issues with them being able to bite the tip off of more pointed syringes, I have yet to run into the issue with these rounded ones!

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